Here we have collected the questions we regularly get from our customers. This section will help you understand how essay service works and how it can benefit you.

An essay or any other paper is a product that you buy. And every product has its value. Money that you give to your essay helper online does not entirely go to their pocket. We need some resources in exchange for our paper writing help. We use them to maintain the work and pay for advanced programs to ensure the quality of papers.
The worth of different papers is established according to the market standards for essays writing help. The price includes writing an essay, formatting, checking, and delivering. Extra refinement is free for all help writing essay assignments. The plagiarism report is $0, too. Also, the price depends on when you turn for our online writing help.
Whenever you feel like you need some writing assistance, we work 24/7 with no day-offs. Even if you wake up at 2 AM and realize that you need writing help online, we’ll answer and help you. Notice that the earlier you place an order, the lower the price.
One hundred three of our essay helpers have undergone a tough path to getting a Ph.D. Those are all higher institution graduates with experience in their field or tutoring. Mostly they are MA and BA. So, you order an essay writing help service from people with diplomas.
To be honest? No. There are many cases when students pay for an essay and get deceived when they need writing help online urgently. Mimics and liars pretend to do essays, but then they start blackmailing students for wanting to get help writing essays. That is why anonymity is so important. And one should always check any essay writing website for official documents (you can check ours).
Our platform has a special system that updates the success rates of each employee after they help writing papers. You can see some of this information on our main page. If an essay helper becomes unsupportive with their clients, we put them on probation. If they fail, they cannot help with writing papers as a part of our team. They can’t work to help writing a paper if their success index is lower than 92%.
Firstly, all the essay helpers write papers only with their ideas mixed with your requirements. They implement substantive ideas only. But even with this, every essay writing helper still makes a paper go through the plagiarism check. It takes some time, but our system makes it as fast as possible. All the programs we use have licenses and are trustworthy and ensure our writing essay help brings you positive results. We pay for them systematically.
You fill in the form and mention all your requirements for the essay write help case. Some students copy-paste the instructions from their professors to get essays help online. After this, you meet your writer and talk to them directly. You can contact them anytime to give additional instructions. You may also want to have a rest — then let our assignment writing service work autonomously without hindering your quality time.
It sometimes happens. In this case, please, don’t be shy to tell our essay writing help service that you don’t want us to work. You’ll instantly get your money back 100%.
Your essay helper will assist you from the very start. Any essay writer helper can formulate a topic for you if you can’t decide. Then they demonstrate to you the whole process of research during completing your essays writing help order. So, the essay writer helper will show you resources to back up your thesis, then they will make a plan and systematize all the information. After all this, the essay helper starts writing. Then it’s time for formatting and the first check. We consider the work entirely done if you are happy with your paper and do not ask for our professional writing services to refine it in 7 days.
After getting help writing essay papers, we still don’t close your case. It stays open for 7 days, and you can ask us to alter or refine it. We close the case if you do not ask us for revision within this period. Any additional writing help costs $0 if the case is still active!
On a general random topic, yes. Templates are hanging on the Internet for free, and you can use them whenever without hiring an essay writing help service. But if you have to write a paper on a narrow topic, general easy essay templates may confuse you or be unhelpful. That is why in some cases, it’s better to order an essay writing help pro.
Sure thing! We work with papers of any complexity, despite the academic level. Students of all kinds deserve comprehensive help writing essays!
Yes, we can. Whatever your assignment is, we can demonstrate how to do it most efficiently. Moreover, writing essay help primarily exists to teach you how to nail all tasks.
No. Moreover, professors should give you templates when they assign you any paper. An example is a part of learning, and there’s nothing wrong with that.